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The Ultimate Trailer



We are excited about our newest released prototype and personally feel it will revolutionize the trailer industry. This is a unique piece of equipment that is quite versatile, capable of multi-tasking, and designed to be a heavy duty workhorse that will simply get the job done. The SwitchLift is defined as the Ultimate Trailer and the right tool for the job.

The SwitchLift trailer allows your company to harness the power of hydraulic componentry in an effort to maximize efficiences and essentially Do More With Less. Equipment and overall costs compared to having seperate dedicated units create more profitability with less to manage and maintain which only adds to your bottom line. The unit featured is equipped with a Swaploader SL185 Dual Jib Height Hook, with an 18,000 lb. dump capacity and accomodates 10 to 16 foot bodies. It is mounted to a gooseneck trailer including aluminum fenders, wheels and 17.5 tires with a spare carrier and includes 15,000 capacity hydraulic jack for large loads. The hydraulic system is powered by a Honda Engine IX with an electric start with charging capacities. Equipped with an independent wireless remote control for all functions and a wireless camera with in cab portable monitor. Heavier loads are further supported with a hydraulic rear stabilizer. The flatbed body allows for fast and easy low clearance loading. Complete LED lighting package for markers, directional and work lights. Additional options include: hydraulic reel, custom toolbox and tarping system

SwitchLift Trailer

This is our initial prototype however there are several plans currently in development to include different lift capacities and setups that will satisify a variety of different industries. There has been a great amount of interest created in the past year as it has served as a demo traveling across the country. We are excited about this product launch and what the future holds as our SwitchLift Trailer line begins to roll out.