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Robotic Industry Prototype



Long gone are the days of the manual application of roof coating materials. Several years ago we were given a tremendous opportunity to embark on a journey to develop a robotic prototype for the spray foam industry. The end goal was to design a piece of equipment that would reduce product waste, provide consistent mil thicknesses for product applications and increase overall labor efficiency to change the industry. There have been several prototypes that created new generations of this robotic sprayer leading to even greater enhancements and product development. The current product line is capable of running a variety of different coatings that suit a multitude of various applications. As the robot continued to evolve we also designed complimentary accessory products within this industry to carve out a niche market for our customer to blaze a trail and expand his product line.


Spray Robots

This is the third and most recent generation of the New and Improved Spraybot with Ultra Sprayhead and Running Gears. This unit allows spray foam and polyeura to be sprayed in an automated application to a variety of structures from roofs to bridges and everything in between. Windscreens are available to prevent overspray, combined with robotic components to allow accurate mil thickness to decrease the possibility of human error and thereby reduce overall material costs while maximizing efficiencies. Aluminum construction allows for easy portability and powdercoated for durability makes this product the right tool for the job in the industry.


Spray Robots

Humble beginnings, trial and error, blood sweat and tears always results in future success, this is one of the early generations of the Spraybot. Once released from prototype stage the modifications for the new improved versions began to pave the path for final production. Although it can be a long, sometimes painful and laborious process we always keep the perspective Time + Effort = Success.