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Our quality to detail and workmanship greets you instantly when you walk into our lobby and you quickly realize our passion for metal. There is no challenge for us that is too big to tackle and we strive to exceed our customers expectations on each and every project. We finished the newest addition to our facility in April of 2009 complete with a conference room, lobby, & offices, accented with aluminum diamond plate throughout. Located within our lobby is a display showcasing the Metal Therapy Chopper and awards for recognition, often times you may also see various prototypes on display that have recently finished development and are currently in the field for research and testing.

Hoppel Fabrication LobbyHoppel fabrication Lobby

Our shop was in need of some upgrades and in 2013 we replaced our shear and press brake that was long over due. This new equipment was a warm and welcomed addition to our material processing that will open up our capabilities to provide additional services that we were unable to perform with our old equipment. The recent upgrades have enabled us to become more efficient and productive and offer greater precision on projects that require more specific tolerances. As we become more comfortable to all the new whistles and buzzers we are excited to see what the future holds for Hoppel Fabrication Specialties as we continue to pursue the passion of protoypes, custom fabrication and manufacturing.


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