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Prototype Mini Hopper


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Hoppel Fabrication Specialties has been designing and manufacturing equipment prototypes for the Landscaping Industry since the 90's. The Mulch Mule and Mini Mule originated as the Prototype Flagships that started the entire Mule product / accessory line and are utilized by over 150 landscaping companies nationwide. By popular request we were asked to design a "smaller" version of the Mules that would utilize current landscaping equipment offering greater access and mobility than our standard size Mules and the Mini Hopper Prototype was created. By utilizing current stand on mowers in the landscapers fleet the addition of the Mini Hopper allows their equipment to serve a dual purpose offering greater value, versatility, cutting expenses and enhancing productivity. It was designed to be interchangeable with all major stand alone mowers with easy mounting for quick installation and removal.



Mulch Mule Cab Over

The Mulch Mule was created and designed as a working prototype in 1996, in an effort to increase mulching productivity as well as cut labor costs.  It caught on quickly and proved itself by offering the results on which it was founded and became known as the "Labor Eliminator" producing 3 times more work in one third of the time.  It has evolved over the years and is now capable of handling any landscaping materials in addition to mulch. Containing a 15 cubic yard capacity and available with a variety of options / accessories in various mountings; standard trailer, conventional truck, cab over truck, roll-off, and skid mount. From this model came the next prototype the Mini Mule considered the little brother to the Mulch Mule. The Mini Mule offered a smaller 10 cubic yard capacity, is shorter in length and can be towed loaded with a 3/4 ton pick up truck offering greater mobility to maneuver in tighter residential areas

Hoppel Fabrication remains the only authorized parts and service provider for the Mulch Mule—Mini Mule currently remaining in the field. However, as of 2014 the Mule product line was discontinued paving the way for the next prototype we are currently working on for the Landscaping Industry.